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StoryHack Action & Adventure, Issue 0 Call for Submissions

Submissions are closed. They will open again probably mid May or early June, 2017.

I recently started reading lots of short fiction. As I’ve picked up a few different magazine titles, I’ve noticed that there’s not really a lot getting published of the stuff I like to read best, which is pulpy action/adventure. A couple of genre-specific titles have come and gone, with one or two still having a go at it, but I’d like to see a place that specializes in action/adventure across genres. So that is what StoryHack Action & Adventure is intended to be.

My end goal is to launch a professional-rates-paying magazine. Lofty indeed, I know. To this end, I’m going to fund an “Issue 0,” paying less-than-professional rates, as I’m not made of money. I’ll do a magazine-sized print layout, and I’ll also commission a cover and a bit of interior artwork. And then I’ll use the produced Issue 0 as a part of a crowdfunding campaign, to prove I have the skills to bring it all together. If the crowdfunding thing works, then I’ll see if I can get the magazine to be self sustaining. If it doesn’t crowdfund, then it will still- I’m just kidding, It’s going to work. I’m going to crowdfund the crap out of it.

What I’m looking for

To steal a joke, StoryHack Magazine will publish both kinds of fiction – action and adventure.

I’m open to any genre, as long as there’s at least one good meaty action scene in there. Bonus points for extra adventure. And I’m serious when I say any genre. Sword & sorcery, lost world, occult detective, alien fighter pilot, western horror, you’re limited only by your imagination. Think Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Dashiell Hammett, Doc E. E. Smith. Think fun and energetic.

You should know, however, that I’m not going to select erotica or extreme gore.

note 3/20/2017: I have a ton of excellent fantasy / sword & sorcery submissions. I’m still open to them, but I’m trying to hit a variety of genres, so you may have better luck dusting off that space opera thing, lost world yarn, or modern thriller short.

I’ll consider any short story/novelette length 1,000 to 14,000 words, but I do have to cap the payments. Sorry.

What I’ll pay

$0.01 / word, $50 max for worldwide 1st print and ebook rights with 3 months exclusivity. I’ll make a sample contract available if you want.

Other stuff

Stories simultaneously submitted elsewhere are fine. Multiple stories submitted at once, no.

How to Submit

Just send your submission, formatted appropriately, in a .doc, .docx, .odt, or .rtf file to submissions at, with the subject line of “StoryHack Magazine Submission”. Make sure in your email you include your name, the name of your story, and your pen name (if different). Also please include a one or two sentence synopsis/teaser.

I’m going to give submissions about a month. They will close on 12:01 AM, April 1, 2017. Now closed.

Once I’ve selected stories, It’s time to send out contracts, pay authors, commission art and do the layout. I think that’s about 3 weeks worth of stuff, but I may be a tad optimistic.

Once everything is all set, then I’ll upload the magazine to all the stores and get on the process of making the electronic version free everywhere. That should happen relatively fast.

Then I’ll launch the crowdfunding campaign.

If you’re interested in following my progress on this, sign up for the StoryHack Irregular (emails)

19 thoughts on “StoryHack Action & Adventure, Issue 0 Call for Submissions

  1. Why do you want an electronic submission to have a header on every page? Is it really easier to scroll to the top of the page then to read the name of the file if you forget who submitted a particular document?

    I keep seeing this “proper format” that someone put together in 1998 that seems clearly intended for a printed submission, and I don’t understand why someone would insist on that now.

    Underlining for italics? Courier font? Black ink on white paper? Lots of blank space on the margins for handwritten instructions to the typesetter? These things just don’t seem to make sense with modern technology–and this is from someone who used to do book design when “cut & paste” meant an exacto knife and glue stick.

  2. Misha – I suspect the tradition of the submission format is mostly to make the manuscript readable, and easily scanable for typos. You’re right, though, some of it is a bit archaic. I linked it to save myself a bit of reinventing the wheel, as I’m a one man show. After I produce this issue and get launch the crowdfunding campaign, I’ll make some more permanent submission info and maybe modernize those formatting requirements a bit.

  3. This is awesome! ::high fives::

    Also, all of those suggestions about how to format manuscripts that seem nitpicky all make perfect sense once you’ve had to sit down with a 500 page stack of several dozen manuscripts to read and do markups on. If you’ve got a folder with several stories printed off that don’t have the author name & page # at least, and the pages fall out or get knocked over by a cat jumping off a desk, good luck ever getting them back in order.

    Extra blank space is good for making notes and teasing out possible ways to rephrase a sentence.

    1. Hey, thanks! I found out about your magazine right after I had committed myself to finally starting this. It’s nice to know there are at least a few of us out there.

  4. Fine by me as long as I can write I will write direct and send direct from a Windows Phone Have no access to a computer now but for now I will just send poetry because for stories I’ll need a computer but I can ensure you am good in various ways of writing I write poetry, prose, creative writing, songs exera exera

  5. Cheers from Colombia! I’m so looking forward to see this awesome idea become hugely successful!

    I think I’ll be sending a submission soon. Also, I typically work proofreading articles and such, so it would be my pleasure to give you a hand checking for those pesky typos! *wink wink*

  6. This sounded like one I can submit to until I read payment by paypal. I.m not qualified for a paypal account. Can I still submit and if it’s good enough, I donate the payment back to the magazine?

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