Genre Literary Magazine Parody Cover, #1

I’ve been designing some parody covers for use in the video for my upcoming crowdfunding campaign for StoryHack Action & Adventure. (The campaign will launch within a day or two of Issue 0 getting released.) They are kind of going to be a throwaway gag, and I probably won’t use all of them, so I figured I’d put them up here. After all, I don’t want all this messing around to go to waste.

So, without further ado, here’s the first cover. Click for the full-size version.


On a related note, I sent out the first round of rejections for the magazine this last weekend. That was kind of interesting. The good news is that I’m getting an even better mental picture of what I’d like the the magazine to be. Also, apparently my definitions of “action” and “adventure” are different than most people’s.

By action I mean that there should be characters actively engaged with an antagonist (or entity) who represents imminent physical danger. Fistfights, car chases, vine swinging (alligators or spikes below), all that. But the protagonist must have an active role in it, rather than just having stuff happen at him/her.

By adventure, I mean the character does awesome things (is proactive) in a exotic (not mundane) situation. Heroics often enter in. The protagonist can be in a cool time period, a fantasy world, or have a bizarre profession, something about his/her situation should transport me, the reader, out of the boring real-life world. After reading, I should be able to say a main character “had an adventure.”

I promise not to ramble so much when I post the other covers.

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