Podcast: Interview with Caryn Larrinaga

Earlier this week, I took a break from reading down the slush pile to visit with Caryn Larrinaga, author of Donn’s Hill. I met Caryn this year at LTUE.

Some notes from the interview:

  • (0:00) Larringata Larrinaga. Apparently I am an idiot. Or maybe it’s just that so many people get my last name wrong that I subconsciously want everyone else to suffer the same indignity
  • (0:40) 1st thing: Donn’s Hill
  • (1:09) 2nd thing: Her shorter works, wherein Caryn refuses to give spoilers
  • (2:37) 3rd thing: Gaming event for charity with Caryn  (& some lesser authors) at Paragon City Games in Draper, UT on March 30, 2017
  • (3:30) Cthulu Yahtzee & other great tabletop games, including the panda one
  • (6:10) The secret thing about Caryn that nobody knows
  • (7:22) How Caryn got into ghosts
  • (9:30) How Donn’s Hill came to be
  • (11:24) Caryn’s writing process
  • (14:30) Hiring a developmental editor
  • (16:00) Getting a publisher
  • (17:50) What’s next?
  • (18:55) The 27 hr day
  • (19:30) League of Utah Writers (Caryn will present at the spring conference on April 8)
  • (21:30) Cats are not hobbies
  • (23:00) Conferences and events

If you want to learn more about Caryn, check out her website, browse her book on Amazon, or follow her on facebook or twitter. You can also hear the first chapter of the audiobook for Donn’s Hill on her publisher’s website.

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