StoryHack Action & Adventure, Issue 0 Lineup

EDIT 4/17: David Boop has completed the lineup with “Turk and the Lost City.”

I think I have now sent out responses for all submissions to Issue 0. Sending out rejections is really hard for me to do. It hurt to make that last round of cuts.

But now is not the time for wallowing in pain. Now is the time for excitement and revelry! There’s some great fiction headed your way.

Here is the lineup, in alphabetical order, by first name:

These stories include all manner of action & adventure; heroic thriller, sword & sorcery, even a werewolf PI. I’m telling you, this will make you wish all magazines published pulp stories.

More information, like a cover and release date coming soon.

14 thoughts on “StoryHack Action & Adventure, Issue 0 Lineup

  1. M.L. Grinder – Most of us just heard the submissions were open back at the beginning of March, and submitted. After the kickstarter is successful, he’ll open up a new one, announcing it here.

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