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StoryHack, Issue 1 is live on Kickstarter!


All right, everything is finally ready. The campaign for StoryHack Action & Adventure, Issue 1 is now live. Check it out and let me know what you think. I’m kind of a one man show in this thing, so I never know if the jokes are going to land, etc.

If you haven’t seen the announcement floating around, Issue 0 is out and the ebook is ready for downloading. There’s a link on the KickStarter page. I think it turned out great and I’m pumped about the quality of stories I was able to include.

If you want to help keep the pulp goodness flowing, please share that KickStarter link on any Facebook page or group you’re a member of where it makes sense to do so. Or tweet something. You know, help me get the word out. I will be forever grateful.


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