Podcast: Interview with Daniel Swenson

A couple of weeks ago, Daniel made the journey all the way out to beautiful StoryHack Studios for an in person chat. Not that Skype is bad or anything, but it is always much more fun to do these in person. Daniel’s the founder of the Hugo-finalist podcast Dungeon Crawlers Radio. Today, his debut novel is officially released, so it’s time for him to sit on the other side of the metaphorical interview table. Except in this case it was an actual table.

Random show notes:

  • [0:30] Daniel embraces his hair color and laments the loss of gingers in comic-based media
  • [1:50] The Golden Eagles & hockey
  • [3:20] 10 redheads under one roof.
  • Bonus Fact: Daniel has a one-eyed dog that is terrible at playing catch.
  • [5:30] The Shadow Above the Flames
  • [8:15] Daniel’s writing process
  • [11:45] Getting published
  • [12:45] Definitely not a spoiler
  • Bonus Fact: Daniel has chickens.
  • [13:40] Dungeon Crawlers: A History
  • [17:48] The most exciting guest.
  • [20:15] Games & Helping out the little guy
  • [22:22] Daniel has two closets full of games. I only have one, so this made me feel a little inadequate…
  • [23:22] Running rpgs for teenagers
  • [24:45] RPG recommendations – Firefly RPG, D&D, Savage Worlds
  • [28:48] Board Game Suggestions – Shadows of Brimstone, Betrayal at House on the Hill
  • [31:23] What’s next for Daniel? How to find him online.

More about Daniel:

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