Just how introverted am I?

My 2oth high school reunion was this past Saturday. No, I didn’t go. I didn’t have that many friends in high school, and of the people I actually want to catch up with, I know how to reach most of them. So it seemed like a lot of work to drive the 13 minutes into Salt Lake just so I can feel like an outcast again.

And it’s not like they’re bad people or anything. There’s a lot of people that I liked and thought highly of, and perhaps I still would. I fully recognize that I’m the problem here. I’m an introvert, and that’s okay.

“But Bryce,” you say, “Didn’t you teach Lindy Hop and run/DJ dances for almost four years? Didn’t you go out of your way to get a presenting gig at Fyrecon?”

Yes, I did those things. Because I love swing dancing and I love writing. So it’s worth the psychic energy required to get out in public and teach/talk about them. But I’m still an introvert.

How bad is it? I looked at the facebook group for my graduating class and glanced over the pictures taken at the reunion. I recognized very few faces. If there weren’t names attached to the posts, I would have no clue who most of those people are. And in reality, I only vaguely recognized most of their names. But it gets worse. On Sunday, a woman in my ward (congregation) came up and asked me if I had gone to “our” reunion. This is someone with whom I have been in the same ward for 4ish years. This is someone who has taught at least 2 of my kids in primary. I had literally no idea that we went to the same school and graduated in the same class. The same thing happened in my previous ward, too. A guy who ended up being one of my best ward buddies graduated same year, same school. I was in the ward with him for 3 years before I figured that out.

So if we ever are in the same room together and I don’t rush up to introduce myself, let me apologize now. Feel free to come say “Hi” though. I will probably like you, and I’ll be grateful for the human contact.

Fortunately writing is a hobby/profession that lends itself well to introversion.

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