Podcast: Interview with Martin McConnell

Through a suggestion via a friend on twitter, I met (in a virtual sense) Martin McConnell. He’s a fascinating guy, and took the time to chat with me via skype.


  • [0:15] What it really means to be full-time in the writing business
  • [1:05] The joy of RC Helicopters
  • [1:25] What happened when Martin looked up (at the stars)…
  • [4:00] What do you get when you cross astronomy and writing?
  • [4:50] Historically accurate mooning in fiction. (Would have been a great linkbait title for this post)
  • [5:40] Things he has written
  • [7:35] The story of how Martin bought the farm.
  • [13:00] How his farming affects his writing
  • [15:05] Martin’s kick in the pants (for writers)
  • [18:37] Coming soon
  • [21:30] For more about Martin…

For more information about Martin:

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