Issue #1 Lineup

Things are moving right along with Issue #1. I just got a new wip from the cover artist and I couldn’t be more excited. Little by little I’m working through edits of the stories. I’m horrible at finding typos, though, so I have to go slow. Also eating at my time is the day job and parenting and such, blah, blah, blah, I’m slow but it’s going to be great.

In no particular order, here’s the lineup for Issue 1:

  • “Taking Control” A western with a hint of magic by Jon Del Arroz.
  • “Under the Gun” A weird western by David J. West.
  • “New Rules for Rocket Nauts” A space opera by Michael DeCarolis.
  • “Protector of Newington” A steampunk adventure by John M Olsen.
  • “The Price of Hunger” A supernatural horror adventure by Kevyn Winkless.
  • “Retieving Abe” A fantasy western by Jay Barnson.
  • “Brave Day Sunk in Hideous Night.” An accidentally time-travelling werewolf adventure by Julie Frost.
  • “Dream Master” A supernatural detective mystery by Gene Moyers.
  • “Circus to Boulogne” A historical adventure by Mike Adamson.
  • “Some things Missing from her Profile” An off-planet action mystery by David Skinner.

Right about 65,000 words of pure action adventure fun.

5 thoughts on “Issue #1 Lineup

  1. Looks to be an exciting line-up with a western flavor. Did you have a theme in mind, or did you just luck out?

    Reminiscent of “Scales of Justice” type stories.

    Good to see you still flowing!

    1. Just luck this time. And I had to reject 3 or 4 more good western stories for lack of space. One in particular is very much reminiscent of Scales of Justice.

  2. Lookin good.
    Julie Frost writes stories about werewolf detectives that are better than stories about werewolves deserve to be. And now they’re gonna time travel, too?

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