StoryHack Podcast: Interview with Gene Moyers

I recently had a chat with with new pulp author Gene Moyers, whose story “Dream Master” is appearing in StoryHack, Issue 1.

Some notes from the interview:

  • [0:25] Introducing Gene
  • [1:00] What is pulp fiction to you?
  • [1:45] How did you fall in with the New Pulp crowd?
  • [3:35] Pulp-Specific Conventions (Windy City Pulp and Paper, PulpFest) and why they’re great.
  • [7:03] Gene’s Hobby Shop
  • [8:08] How Gene writes
  • [10:50] Gene’s favorite classic pulps
  • [12:40] What’s coming up for Gene
  • [18:01] Modern authors Gene likes
  • [19:00] Writing inspirations
  • [21:00] Gene loves critical reviews (and positive ones, too.)
  • [23:00] Gene’s story in StoryHack, Issue 1

For more about Gene:

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