StoryHack Podcast: Interview with Ryan Decaria

Ryan Decaria is a fellow podcaster and author. His debut novel, Devil in the Microscope, was recently published by Immortal Works. We met in his secret lair high above the bustling streets of Ogden to have a little chat.

Show Notes:

  • [0:35] The King of the Meeple Nation discusses board games.
  • [4:23] This was not intended as a fart joke. I promise. I’m not above making fart jokes, but this just happens to not be one.
  • [5:40] Mad science is better than sane science.
  • [7:00] Ryan’s favorite mad scientists.
  • [9:20] Mad science heroes vs villains
  • [12:16] The Devil in the Microscope
  • [15:32] Ethically-challenged scientists have more fun.
  • [17:45] Church ball is great. Not the movie, though.
  • [19:09] How Ryan writes: in defense of outlining
  • [20:55] Why Ryan writes
  • [22:12] What’s next?
  • [26:15] Where to find Ryan

For more about Ryan:

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