Podcast: Interview with Martin McConnell

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Through a suggestion via a friend on twitter, I met (in a virtual sense) Martin McConnell. He’s a fascinating guy, and took the time to … ... [post continued here]


Just how introverted am I?

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My 2oth high school reunion was this past Saturday. No, I didn’t go. I didn’t have that many friends in high school, and of the people I actually want to catch up with, I know how to reach most of … ... [post continued here]

Submissions for StoryHack Issue 1 are open!

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Thanks to a bundle of support during a successful kickstarter campaign, it’s time to get moving on Issue #1. So I’m firing the metaphorical starting gun now and opening up submissions. They’ll be open until 12:01 AM on July 3rd, … ... [post continued here]

Podcast: Interview with Daniel Swenson

posted 2017-06-06 in interviews, podcast

A couple of weeks ago, Daniel made the journey all the way out to beautiful StoryHack Studios for an in person chat. Not that Skype is bad or anything, but it is always much more fun to do these in person. Daniel's the founder of the Hugo-finalist podcast Dungeon Crawlers Radio. Today, his debut novel is officially released, so...

Campaign ending soon.

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We’re down to the last little bit for the StoryHack campaign on Kickstarter. We’ve hit and gone a little over the goal! Issue #1 is getting made. Thank you to everybody who has helped this happen. The pledges, the retweets, … ... [post continued here]


Jon Del Arroz interviewed me!

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I just did an interview over at Jon Del Arroz’s blog. Go check it out.

Storyhack: A New Short Fiction Magazine Inspired By The #PulpRevolution... [post continued here]

My Fyrecon Schedule

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I’ll be teaching a couple of classes and moderating a panel at Fyrecon on June 9-11. I may also be doing an author spotlight (signing thing) at some point.

Friday, June 10

  • 10:30 AM – Podcasting 101. All the basics
... [post continued here]


My Favorite Pulps: Lester Del Rey

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I love the pulps. Seriously.

Have I talked about Lester Del Rey on here before? Yes, but it’s been a long time. So I have to do it again. He was an author and editor (Del Rey … ... [post continued here]

Podcast: Interview with Carl Hackman

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Another author interview! This time I had a chance to meet Carl Hackman, who before becoming a published author had a number of adventure careers.

Some … ... [post continued here]


The Biggest Bummer of Issue 0

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StoryHack Action & Adventure is now over halfway pledged to the goal, and we have about three weeks left in the campaign. I am just so grateful to everybody who has pledged, retweeted and posted about this project. I think … ... [post continued here]


StoryHack, Issue 1 is live on Kickstarter!

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All right, everything is finally ready. The campaign for StoryHack Action & Adventure, Issue 1 is now live. Check it out and let me know what you think. I’m kind of a one man show in this thing, so I … ... [post continued here]

Here we go!

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I’m uploading Issue 0 to the various online retailers today. It’ll take a day or two for everything to be made live. I’m setting the price of the ebook to free, where I can, for at least the duration of … ... [post continued here]


Story Hack, Issue Zero Cover

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Here’s the cover:

Hopefully, all the names are now right.

Here’s what to expect now: This week I’ll polish up the last few edits, lay it out, and start uploading to the various sites. The short crowdfunding video is filmed … ... [post continued here]

The Last Private Investigator on Earth

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For a long time, part of my day job had me driving to Wyoming and back once a week. That added up to quite a few hours with not much to do. Not like truck driver hours, but for me … ... [post continued here]

StoryHack Action & Adventure, Issue 0 Lineup

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EDIT 4/17: David Boop has completed the lineup with “Turk and the Lost City.”

I think I have now sent out responses for all submissions to Issue 0. Sending out rejections is really hard for me to do. It hurt … ... [post continued here]

Slush Pile: 0

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I finally finished reading all of the submissions for Issue 0 of StoryHack Action & Adventure. In total, I received around 100 of them. I still need to select the final few pieces from the wealth of good ones. If … ... [post continued here]


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I’m still working through all of the submissions. There were a lot of them during the last 3 days. About 1/3 of the total submissions. I took the weekend off from reading to do some work around the house, but … ... [post continued here]

Last Day to Submit for Issue 0

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EDIT: Oops. I clicked “Post” instead of “Schedule,” so this went out a bit early. Oh well. You get the idea.

This is the last day to submit for Issue 0 of StoryHack Action & Adventure. Not to worry if … ... [post continued here]

Podcast: Interview with Caryn Larrinaga

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Earlier this week, I took a break from reading down the slush pile to visit with Caryn Larrinaga, author of Donn’s Hill. I met Caryn this … ... [post continued here]


Genre Literary Magazine Parody Cover, #4

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Last one. Not even the online audio magazines are safe. Click to embiggen.



I was going to do this one as “Beneath Ceaseless Guys”, but ended up with this instead. I figured I’d keep these family friendly.… ... [post continued here]


New Flash Fiction

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Immortal Works just posted a podcast of a flash fiction I wrote titled “Epic Dad.” It what Conan would be like if he were a modern, involved father. Or maybe its just the story of a father that reads too … ... [post continued here]


Genre Literary Magazine Parody Cover, #3

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Click for full size.

This one’s in honor of F & SF’s recent feline covers (2 of the last 3). I think this magazine would probably sell. Last cover tomorrow.… ... [post continued here]


Genre Literary Magazine Parody Cover, #2

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Once again, click for full size.

I would like to state, for the record, this is totally not just because Clarksworld rejected my last submission.… ... [post continued here]


Genre Literary Magazine Parody Cover, #1

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I’ve been designing some parody covers for use in the video for my upcoming crowdfunding campaign for StoryHack Action & Adventure. (The campaign will launch within a day or two of Issue 0 getting released.) They are kind of going … ... [post continued here]

Magazine & Site Updates.

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Thanks to some old & new friends as well as some advice from the editor of another modern pulp, the call for submissions is out there and getting found. I know this, because my inbox is filling right up. I … ... [post continued here]