Issues 2 & 3 updates

posted 2018-02-16 in news

I’ve now read all the submissions from this last round. I believe I’ve sent out acceptances for all of the stories which will appear in Issue 2. I still have a couple of decisions to make regarding issue 3, but … ... [post continued here]


Just some art.

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I am reading through submissions and making progress. A couple more acceptances and a pile of (very kind) rejections will be going out in the next day or two.

While you’re waiting on me to reply about your submission, check … ... [post continued here]

Submissions now Open

posted 2017-12-20 in news

Submissions for StoryHack Action & Adventure are now open. Check out the submissions page for more info.

They’ll be open until Jan 20th, unless I am absolutely flooded with submissions. In that case I’ll close a bit sooner. Let me … ... [post continued here]

Podcast: The Nick Shurn Matter (Merged)

posted 2017-12-18 in podcast

A little different something for the podcast this time. I’ve done a couple of merged Johnny Dollar episodes before, and now I’ve done it again.

But this … ... [post continued here]

StoryHack Updates. (Subs open on the 20th.)

posted 2017-12-14 in news

I have things set up to handle subscriptions. More on that when Issue 2 is actually close to launch.

Big news right now is that submissions will open again on December 20th, 2017 and run until about January 20th, 2018. … ... [post continued here]


Draw me like one of your French girls chubby middle age guys…

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…or “Painting my backside is an odd job.”

There’s this neighbor of mine who is a professional artist. He’s done all sorts of stuff. He’s done covers for Hard Case Crime. He painted half of one of the LDS Church’s … ... [post continued here]

Start Thinking “Issue 2”

posted 2017-11-20 in news

For those of you who are writing types, I’m finally clearing some time and brainspace for publishing Issue 2 of StoryHack Action & Adventure. I’ll update the submissions page, but I wanted to give the blog-following-faithful a heads up first.… ... [post continued here]

The Importance of Characters

posted 2017-11-10 in articles

This is part of the Writing Tips from the Pulp Era series. It was published in Writer’s Digest August, 1943, and is now in the public domain. This one is kind of light on how-to details, but is an important

... [post continued here]

Emotion and Storytelling

posted 2017-11-08 in articles, author resources

This is part of the Writing Tips from the Pulp Era collection. It’s from the October, 1940 issue of Writer’s Digest, which is in the public domain. This is the third and probably last article I’ll be posting from this ... [post continued here]

Become a Better Writer by Following this One Simple Rule

posted 2017-10-25 in articles

This is part of the series Writing Tips from the Pulp Era, which is a collection of now-public-domain articles. Click the link for a full list.

This one comes from the October, 1940 issue of Writer’s Digest, which is ... [post continued here]

Writing your First Novel

posted 2017-10-19 in articles

I’ve decided to make this a series. I have purchased a few copies of now-public-domain writing magazines from the 30s-50s and I’m reprinting various articles from them and calling them “Writing Tips from the Pulp Era.” Click the ... [post continued here]

The Future of StoryHack

posted 2017-10-06 in news

For all of you who are waiting for physical rewards from the Kickstarter campaign, I have ordered copies of StoryHack from the printer. They told me I should expect them to come in no later than the 17th of October. … ... [post continued here]

StoryHack, Issue 1 is available!

posted 2017-09-26 in news

I have my proof back and everything looks good. So I’ve flipped the switch making it available for purchase in paperback. Down below you’ll see what to expect.

It took … ... [post continued here]

StoryHack Issue 1 Going to Print

posted 2017-09-20 in news

Here’s what’s been going on in the world of StoryHack.

I just ordered a physical proof of StoryHack Issue 1. I just want to make sure everything looks good before shipping to backers.

I wrote and did some testing on … ... [post continued here]

StoryHack Podcast: Interview with Ryan Decaria

posted 2017-09-13 in podcast

Ryan Decaria is a fellow podcaster and author. His debut novel, Devil in the Microscope, was recently published by Immortal Works. We met in his secret lair high … ... [post continued here]

StoryHack Podcast: Interview with Gene Moyers

posted 2017-09-06 in podcast

I recently had a chat with with new pulp author Gene Moyers, whose story “Dream Master” is appearing in StoryHack, Issue 1.

Some notes from the interview:

  • [0:25]
... [post continued here]

StoryHack Issue 1 Updates for 8/9

posted 2017-08-09 in news

Here are some updates so that you know I’ve not just been sitting on my thumbs.

  • I’ve done my edits on all but 2 of the stories.
  • Artists have been found and started on the interior art.

Still to do.… ... [post continued here]

Thoughts on Hiring a Cover Artist.

posted 2017-08-02 in articles

First, a couple of examples for those who are interested in behind the scenes stuff. At the end, I’ll collect a list of things I’ve learned. And I’ve talked about a couple of other cover projects before.

Project 1

... [post continued here]

Issue #1 Lineup

posted 2017-07-28 in news

Things are moving right along with Issue #1. I just got a new wip from the cover artist and I couldn’t be more excited. Little by little I’m working through edits of the stories. I’m horrible at finding typos, though, … ... [post continued here]


Issue 1 updates, 7/21

posted 2017-07-21 in news

Quick updates:
  • I believe I have now responded to all submissions for this issue of StoryHack. Contact me if you’re still waiting.
  • I’ll post the lineup sometime next week after contracts are all signed and whatnot.
  • Still waiting on the
... [post continued here]

Another Pulp Story Formula

posted 2017-07-17 in articles

This is the first in a series I’m calling “Writing Tips from the Pulp Era.” These are writing articles from books and magazines that have entered the public domain. Click the link for the full list of articles.... [post continued here]

Podcast: Interview with Jon Mollison

posted 2017-07-14 in interviews, podcast

Today on the podcast I interview author Jon Mollison. He currently has three books out (see links below.) His story “Desert Hunt” appeared in StoryHack issue zero, which … ... [post continued here]

Issue 1 Submissions are Closed

posted 2017-07-03 in news

Submissions are now closed for StoryHack Issue 1. Thanks to everyone who has submitted. I wish I could select more stories. I don’t feel like a gatekeeper standing watch at the entrance to the Great Hall of Quality Fiction.  I … ... [post continued here]

Author Business (Cards)

posted 2017-06-28 in articles

While I was busy pretending to be a real author at Fyrecon, I did sit in on a couple of very good classes.

One of these was on networking and was given by Jason King from Immortal Works. It wasn’t … ... [post continued here]