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Book WP is a WordPress theme for authors who wish to create an online book that is easily readable on any device, be it a desktop, laptop, ipad-style tablet or smartphone. By design this theme is very simple. It is meant to mimic a book, and be easy to read.

Stuff you need to know about this theme:

  • The blog title is used as the title of the book.
  • The blog descripion is used as the byline.
  • Regular posts are designed to be used as chapters in your book. Just post the chapters in the same order that you would read them. (ie, post Chapter 1 first, Chapter Two next, etc). You can reorder the way they appear in the table of contents by changing the “date posted” of the post.
  • Links to the next chapter are automatically inserted at the bottom of each chapter. If there is no next chapter, no link is inserted.
  • Yes, there is a widget are down at the bottom of the page if you desire to bugger up your online book. You should think twice before filling it with junk, though. Putting too much crap kills the charm and simplicity of the theme. /end rant/
  • The theme options page (Appearance -> Book WP Options) has several options you can edit. There are two places to put static text. There is also a place to insert your google analytics tracking ID, so you don’t need a plugin to handle it. You can change the font. You can turn on and off the comments section. You can also set the color scheme.
  • (Theme Option) Title Page Blurb – This is just a section of text that is displayed unter the title/byline and before the table of contents.
  • (Theme Option) Page Top Blurb – This is a section of text that goes at the top of every Chapter (regular post) and user created page. Basically everywhere but the front page.
  • Installation is the same as any other WordPress theme. Just unzip the theme’s folder and drop it in your wp-content/themes directory.
  • Bookmark function – the site now sets a cookie for the last chapter you read out of. The next time you visit the front page, a message appears to go back to that chapter.

For anyone who cares, this theme was based off of the html5reset WordPress template.


I’m using this theme to write an online book, and you can check it out to see it in action. Book WP Demo.


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Version 2 01/25/2013

  • Complete rebuild of theme
  • New bookmark functionality

Version 1 10/21/2011

Version 1.0 was based off of the great template available at I made some choices and started version 2 from the ground up, but some folks might still prefer this version.

Download Version 1 here -> Book WP v1.0 (10/21/2011)

11 thoughts on “Book WP

    1. I suppose there’s always a chance, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. Perhaps if there were a large demand I’d take a look at how to theme Tumblr.

  1. Hi, it’s possible to publish more than 1 book with this theme? I am building a site for reading online books. Thank you very much!

    1. You could probably rig something using the multisite function of WordPress. I’m not an expert at that, however, so you’re at the mercy of google as to how to set that up. Maybe someday I’ll do a second version that uses categories to manage multiple books or something.

  2. What’s a quick way to bypass the Drop Letter at the beginning for some pages? I can’t quite figure out how the .js is speaking to the .css

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