Yeah, I’d ghostwrite…

I came across an interesting (at least to me) article about the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series of books. Specifically, it talks about the business of writing those books. They are all written by ghostwriters under a house name. Authors are given a flat fee, and no royalties. The thing that jumped out at […]

Some of my Favorite Procedural Tropes

So I’ve been watching a bunch of police procedural shows as of late. I gravitate to the “wildly eccentric maverick solves crimes” flavor of mysteries over the “gritty hyper-realistic team solves crimes stretched from today’s headlines” variety. Although I take in a few of those as well. I think I watch these shows mostly because there is not […]

The 20 Trades Project

This is the ad I’m placing in some local online classifieds as well as on craigslist.   Terrific Water Tank Trailer for Trade I’m looking to trade this water tank trailer for something else. Something I want more than this tank. I’m not sure yet what would be, so go ahead and make me an […]

All Done

Okay, I’ve done several “last” editing passes on the Journey of St. Laurent. I’m pretty happy with the end result. Also, if I don’t quit now, I’ll never finish editing it. Over the next couple of days I’m going to password protect the posts that make up the final 2/3 of the first draft. Within […]

Another Editing Update

I finished going over Dane’s suggested edits a little while ago. He helped me out tremendously. Go buy his books. I cut a ton of fat from the story. Like 20,000 words worth. The book just came back from yet another editor, who was searching for typos and major inconsistencies. It should only take a […]

Too Many Projects

Again, I have started too many projects. I really need to focus on one at a time until they’re done. I guess I did finish the theme update. Anyway, I haven’t forgotten Journey of St. Laurent. It’s just that editing is such hard work. Sometime this week I’ll dive back into it. I’m also going […]

Some More Freeware

Yes, I have project ADD. It doesn't help that I have some programming knowledge. Every time I want a piece of software and I can't immediately find exactly what I want, I start making my own. I have hard drives filled with half finished projects. A little while ago I was digging through some of […]