Podcast: The Nick Shurn Matter (Merged)

A little different something for the podcast this time. I’ve done a couple of merged Johnny Dollar episodes before, and now I’ve done it again.

But this time, it’s a Christmas episode! As in, it is implied that Christmas is actually about Jesus being born. Imagine a modern procedural show doing that today. You can’t, can you?

Here’s the synopsis:

Just before Christmas, a waitress is the only witness to a murder in a business partner squabble. When the murdering partner files an life insurance claim, Johnny Dollar is sent to investigate. But can he get to the waitress in time to save her and her daughter from being murdered, too?

It still has all the stuff you love about detective shows: mystery, action, and even a little romance. So ignore my best public radio voice, and enjoy listening to the Nick Shurn Matter.  It runs just a smidgen over an hour.

StoryHack Podcast: Interview with Ryan Decaria

Ryan Decaria is a fellow podcaster and author. His debut novel, Devil in the Microscope, was recently published by Immortal Works. We met in his secret lair high above the bustling streets of Ogden to have a little chat.

Show Notes:

  • [0:35] The King of the Meeple Nation discusses board games.
  • [4:23] This was not intended as a fart joke. I promise. I’m not above making fart jokes, but this just happens to not be one.
  • [5:40] Mad science is better than sane science.
  • [7:00] Ryan’s favorite mad scientists.
  • [9:20] Mad science heroes vs villains
  • [12:16] The Devil in the Microscope
  • [15:32] Ethically-challenged scientists have more fun.
  • [17:45] Church ball is great. Not the movie, though.
  • [19:09] How Ryan writes: in defense of outlining
  • [20:55] Why Ryan writes
  • [22:12] What’s next?
  • [26:15] Where to find Ryan

For more about Ryan:

StoryHack Podcast: Interview with Gene Moyers

I recently had a chat with with new pulp author Gene Moyers, whose story “Dream Master” is appearing in StoryHack, Issue 1.

Some notes from the interview:

  • [0:25] Introducing Gene
  • [1:00] What is pulp fiction to you?
  • [1:45] How did you fall in with the New Pulp crowd?
  • [3:35] Pulp-Specific Conventions (Windy City Pulp and Paper, PulpFest) and why they’re great.
  • [7:03] Gene’s Hobby Shop
  • [8:08] How Gene writes
  • [10:50] Gene’s favorite classic pulps
  • [12:40] What’s coming up for Gene
  • [18:01] Modern authors Gene likes
  • [19:00] Writing inspirations
  • [21:00] Gene loves critical reviews (and positive ones, too.)
  • [23:00] Gene’s story in StoryHack, Issue 1

For more about Gene:

Podcast: Interview with Jon Mollison

Today on the podcast I interview author Jon Mollison. He currently has three books out (see links below.) His story “Desert Hunt” appeared in StoryHack issue zero, which you can still get for free by signing up for the newsletter.


  • [0:20] A little bit about Jon
  • [4:01] Re: the #PulpRev crowd
  • [4:30] How do you define pulp? Jon mentions these 5 pillars of pulp.
  • [6:05] Action. Adventure. Romance. Heroism.
  • [7:05] Jon plugs the magazine. Thanks, bro.
  • [8:15] Classic Fictioneers
  • [10:15] Modern Authors with Action, Adventure, Romance & Heroism
  • [14:35] Jon’s writing proccess
  • [17:15] I’ve only missed my goal to post this by what, 3 weeks?
  • [17:30] Audiobooks
  • [18:15] That time Lee Merriwether (60’s movie Catwoman) shot Jon.
  • [19:30] Jon’s high tech recording setup revealed
  • [24:40] What Jon is working on now.
  • [28:30] The best advice
  • [31:01] Jon pimps the magazine again. I swear, I’m not paying him to say this stuff.
  • [32:20] Possibly Jon’s best line of the interview. “I have too much to read, and it’s still not enough.” I want this on a poster and a t-shirt. Maybe even a mug.
  • [33:05] Seagull Rising

For more about Jon, go visit him on his blog. And buy his books.

Jon’s Books:

Podcast: Interview with comic & new pulp legend Ron Fortier

Special treat today on the podcast. I had a chance to interview Ron Fortier. He’s probably the greatest living expert on the Green Hornet. I guess that makes sense, as he used to write the Green Hornet comic book. He’s been a writer of comics and pulp fictions for over 45 years. He’s the co-founder of the new pulp publisher Airship 27, which has over a hundred titles in print. Next year I want to go to Pulpfest or Windy City Pulp & Paper just so I can meet him. This interview went twice as long as they usually do, and now I wish it was even longer. I might be just a wee bit excited about this.


  • [0:10] Ron has been a working comics writer for longer than I’ve been alive.
  • [7:21] How Ron got into writing.
  • [11:58] Getting into big name properties. (Terminator & Green Hornet…)
  • [21:15] Preparing for the right moment.
  • [22:30] How the Green Hornet came to be
  • [28:58] Crafting a legacy backstory from many sources
  • [35:05] Ron’s thoughts on the Green Hornet movie (2011)
  • [39:25] Writers have to be bad guys
  • [43:00] Airship 27 – If you’re a writer
  • [47:00] Airship 27 – if you just plain like pulp fictions
  • [53:15] Where is new pulp headed?
  • [55:00] Final advice: share your talents.

Special Note: There is a movie based on Ron’s “Brother Bones” character currently being kickstarted. Go check it out.

For more about Ron & Airship 27 check out:

Podcast: Interview with Martin McConnell

Through a suggestion via a friend on twitter, I met (in a virtual sense) Martin McConnell. He’s a fascinating guy, and took the time to chat with me via skype.


  • [0:15] What it really means to be full-time in the writing business
  • [1:05] The joy of RC Helicopters
  • [1:25] What happened when Martin looked up (at the stars)…
  • [4:00] What do you get when you cross astronomy and writing?
  • [4:50] Historically accurate mooning in fiction. (Would have been a great linkbait title for this post)
  • [5:40] Things he has written
  • [7:35] The story of how Martin bought the farm.
  • [13:00] How his farming affects his writing
  • [15:05] Martin’s kick in the pants (for writers)
  • [18:37] Coming soon
  • [21:30] For more about Martin…

For more information about Martin:

Podcast: Interview with Daniel Swenson

A couple of weeks ago, Daniel made the journey all the way out to beautiful StoryHack Studios for an in person chat. Not that Skype is bad or anything, but it is always much more fun to do these in person. Daniel’s the founder of the Hugo-finalist podcast Dungeon Crawlers Radio. Today, his debut novel is officially released, so it’s time for him to sit on the other side of the metaphorical interview table. Except in this case it was an actual table.

Random show notes:

  • [0:30] Daniel embraces his hair color and laments the loss of gingers in comic-based media
  • [1:50] The Golden Eagles & hockey
  • [3:20] 10 redheads under one roof.
  • Bonus Fact: Daniel has a one-eyed dog that is terrible at playing catch.
  • [5:30] The Shadow Above the Flames
  • [8:15] Daniel’s writing process
  • [11:45] Getting published
  • [12:45] Definitely not a spoiler
  • Bonus Fact: Daniel has chickens.
  • [13:40] Dungeon Crawlers: A History
  • [17:48] The most exciting guest.
  • [20:15] Games & Helping out the little guy
  • [22:22] Daniel has two closets full of games. I only have one, so this made me feel a little inadequate…
  • [23:22] Running rpgs for teenagers
  • [24:45] RPG recommendations – Firefly RPG, D&D, Savage Worlds
  • [28:48] Board Game Suggestions – Shadows of Brimstone, Betrayal at House on the Hill
  • [31:23] What’s next for Daniel? How to find him online.

More about Daniel:

Podcast: Interview with Carl Hackman

Another author interview! This time I had a chance to meet Carl Hackman, who before becoming a published author had a number of adventure careers.

Some interview notes:

  • [0:13] – Off continent? Out of the country anyway. I’m a doofus
  • [0:33] – 3 things about Carl
  • [1:14] – Carl laments not tuning up a guitar to make this a musical interview
  • [1:40] – Carl fled the rat race all the way to the Dominican Republic, where he now resides
  • [2:33] – How Carl got into animal rescue
  • [3:45] – Choosing the Dominican Republic
  • [4:25] – Carl has jumped out of more helicopters than you
  • [5:30] – Carl’s writing process
  • [6:50] – The neighborhood dog choir
  • [7:30] – Gerald
  • [9:41] – What Carl’s working on now
  • [10:05] – Carl’s literary favorites
  • [11:30] – When Carl started writing
  • Aside: I love how Carl pronounces “Jaguar”
  • [12:40] – What Carl is reading now
  • [13:20] – The story of getting published
  • [14:30] – Immortal Works is awesome
  • [16:00] – Juggling ideas
  • [17:00] – Scrivener
  • [17:45] – What should I have asked?
  • [18:20] – Helicopters
  • [19:00] – Wrapping up

If you want to learn more about Carl:

Podcast: Interview with Caryn Larrinaga

Earlier this week, I took a break from reading down the slush pile to visit with Caryn Larrinaga, author of Donn’s Hill. I met Caryn this year at LTUE.

Some notes from the interview:

  • (0:00) Larringata Larrinaga. Apparently I am an idiot. Or maybe it’s just that so many people get my last name wrong that I subconsciously want everyone else to suffer the same indignity
  • (0:40) 1st thing: Donn’s Hill
  • (1:09) 2nd thing: Her shorter works, wherein Caryn refuses to give spoilers
  • (2:37) 3rd thing: Gaming event for charity with Caryn  (& some lesser authors) at Paragon City Games in Draper, UT on March 30, 2017
  • (3:30) Cthulu Yahtzee & other great tabletop games, including the panda one
  • (6:10) The secret thing about Caryn that nobody knows
  • (7:22) How Caryn got into ghosts
  • (9:30) How Donn’s Hill came to be
  • (11:24) Caryn’s writing process
  • (14:30) Hiring a developmental editor
  • (16:00) Getting a publisher
  • (17:50) What’s next?
  • (18:55) The 27 hr day
  • (19:30) League of Utah Writers (Caryn will present at the spring conference on April 8)
  • (21:30) Cats are not hobbies
  • (23:00) Conferences and events

If you want to learn more about Caryn, check out her website, browse her book on Amazon, or follow her on facebook or twitter. You can also hear the first chapter of the audiobook for Donn’s Hill on her publisher’s website.

StoryHack Podcast #1: David J. West Interview

I’m calling this the StoryHack Podcast, Episode #1. However, don’t hold me to any sort of schedule for releasing more of these. I have no plans for regularity. That being said, it was a lot of fun, and I would like to do more author interviews in person.

Cutting now to the chase, I’d like to introduce my first live author interview. I recently discovered David J West. Somehow, I had been following him on twitter for a while now, but I’m not sure how he got there. After we “met” on twitter, I decided to check out some of his fiction. After greatly enjoying a couple of his works, I decided I needed to meet him. Fortunately, he lives less than an hour away. So I used this interview as a pretext to meet him face to face.

David writes great action adventure/horror/western stories.

And like I said, this was my first live interview so I was a bit nervous. Hopefully I didn’t step on David’s responses too much.

Download (~32 mb)

We talk about his journey to getting published, David’s literary likes, writing process, Orrin Porter Rockwell and historical context of David’s westerns, ranking gunslingers by body count, writing soundtracks, Conan and other Robert E. Howard works, and whatever else struck our fancy.

Stuff I learned about myself: I need a less cumbersome mobile rig if I ever do this again. Also, I need to stop saying “okay” so much.

If you’d like to learn more about David, here are some useful links: