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Story Hack, Issue Zero Cover

Here’s the cover: Hopefully, all the names are now right. Here’s what to expect now: This week I’ll polish up the last few edits, lay it out, and start uploading to the various sites. The short crowdfunding video is filmed and edited and I think I have the content written for the campaign page. I’m […]

StoryHack Action & Adventure, Issue 0 Call for Submissions

Submissions are closed. They will open again probably mid May or early June, 2017. I recently started reading lots of short fiction. As I’ve picked up a few different magazine titles, I’ve noticed that there’s not really a lot getting published of the stuff I like to read best, which is pulpy action/adventure. A couple […]

Get Your Horrorscope Today

A while back I was going to play with building apps for android/ios, so I built a little app that generates bad fortunes/horoscopes. I never followed through on the apps, but I did build all of the text-generating stuff. It’s kind of like a hyperactive cross between a long-winded magic 8 ball and a pessimistic […]

Send a Secret Message! One-Time Pad Generator for Pen and Paper Encryption.

A pen and paper system for passing encrypted notes. Includes a random one-time pad generator.

How to Self Publish a Book

Off and on for the past several years, I’ve been writing a free book to help authors to self publish a book. I’ve had a version up on a separate blog for a while, but I’ve been finishing it and editing and reformatting and such, and now I’m posting the book on this site. It […]

AudioScripter, version 2

A free tool for formatting audio drama scripts.

Verseless KJV Bible Project

Reader’s Edition of the King James Version of the Bible

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSIt is no secret that I love audio theater. One of my favorite programs of all time is Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. My favorite┬ápart of the overall series are the five part serials on weekdays. Most of the run of the show was put […]

DIY Yeti Balaclava, Version 1 Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSI often play with sound recording equipment. I wish I would actually spend more time recording stuff, but I don’t. A while back I found out about a deliciously cool product call the Kaotica Eyeball. It’s a sound isolation shield that fits directly on […]

A Quick Publishing Story

Publishing a hardcover of a CC-licenced ebook.

Free Audio Theater Scripting Software

I just put up a page for my latest little piece of software on my other blog. It’s for writing and formatting audio drama scripts. Check it out: AudioScripter And for any of you that care, I now have 2 chapters left to edit in the Journey of St. Laurent.

Some More Freeware

Yes, I have project ADD. It doesn't help that I have some programming knowledge. Every time I want a piece of software and I can't immediately find exactly what I want, I start making my own. I have hard drives filled with half finished projects. A little while ago I was digging through some of […]

Book WP version 2 is here.

Okay. I think I’m satisfied enough to release version 2 of the Book WP theme. It may not be perfect, but if I don’t release it, I’ll just never get around to it. This theme is meant to help authors use wordpress to write an online book, rather than just a blog. You can see […]