• Oasis An E.R. nurse struggles for survival in the chaos of a bizarre viral outbreak. See it on Amazon.
  • The Journey Of St.Laurent An ER nurse on the run may have the key to stopping an extraterrestrial takeover of the United States. See it on Amazon.

Children’s Books

Short Stories


The land of Caldera is the world where I set my fantasy short stories. At the heart of the land is an actual caldera (just like the one in Yellowstone). There’s always lots of sword fighting and bizarre magic around.

  • Pride of the Traveler – A traveling swordsman’s skill is unmatched by any one man. Unfortunately, his big mouth gets an entire city mad at him.This story was originally published in issue #2 of Astonishing Adventures Magazine. It is now available by itself for the kindle. See it on Amazon.
  • Apocalypse Of Blythe – A tavern girl picks a fight with a particularly disgusting customer. Available by itself on the Kindle: The Apocalypse of Blythe.
Other Stories
  • IAmA MIB AMAA man has a terrifying experience with a government agent. ~2,000 words.
  • Mother – An encounter between a father who has suffered the loss of a child and a horrible mother. Another #FridayFlash. Mother
  • A New Year’s Revolution – A man struggles with right, wrong, treason & duty. This was written as a #FridayFlash. A New Year’s Revolution
  • Rick Emerald and the Widow’s Will – A detective gets his first case in a new city, only to find out the ex-wife of a dead mob boss hired him. Pulpy hardboiled noir. Hopefully. I stopped work on this one when I decided to finish my edits of Oasis before tackling more new fiction. I’m coming back to this one when I finish The Journey of St. Laurent. Part 1
  • Unfinished novel. – Around 1995-1996 a friend of mine and I started collaborating on a novel. We had no plan other than we wanted it to be cool. We emailed our work back and forth, adding a little something each time. We didn’t get terribly far, but it was my first real attempt at writing. Chapter 1, part a.Chapter 1, part b.Chapter 2Chapters 3 & 4 | …the end?
  • Scared Of You – Two kids try to make a crop circle in an old man’s corn field. I wrote it for a contest a few years ago. It took third place. Scared Of You

Radio Scripts

I love old time radio and I’ve written a couple of scripts. Feel free to use and record them. Just send me a copy of the recording… 🙂