You can read my novels in first draft form as they are posted. Just see the novel’s page. The websites are more for marketing.


An E.R. nurse struggles for survival in the chaos of a bizarre viral outbreak. Oasis page | website

The Journey Of St.Laurent (Currently being posted to the blog)

An ER nurse on the run may have the key to stopping an extraterrestrial takeover of the United States. The Journey of St. Laurent page

7 thoughts on “Novels

  1. Oasis was truly horrific and my expectations for the final result of The Journey Of St.Laurent are high because of this. You have a gift Bryce, I hope you manage to use it to its full potential.

  2. oasis was great you inspire me to write again but you are on a level way greater than mine. keep up the good work and finish the journey of st. laurent soon PLEASE

  3. (To my earlier post at the wonderful end of Oasis) Never mind, found the sequel!!!!

    I loved your novel Bryce. Very, very good! I can’t wait to see what else could happen to poor Corbin in the next installment. (But at least he got his girl! 😉

  4. I enjoyed Oasis very much and I’m enjoying the sequel even better but I’ve wondered this several times, what happened to Corbin’s lady love and everybody else from the end of Oasis?

  5. I found your novels a few nights ago. I completly enjoyed them. Read them both up to date in two marathon reading sessons. Can’t wait to see what misfortons befall our hero. Keep up the good work.

  6. Hey Bryce,
    Just a quick note to say that I hope you are well. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from you. Hope this messsage finds you in good health.


  7. loved Oasis completely and waiting for the next chapters of journey of st. Lourent to be pute up.

    For anyone who dousn’t know brycis work he is a great writer who has great story lines and outstanding charictores if u havn’t read Oasis or Journey Of St.Lourent i 100% recomend them.

    thanks brice for all the great ideas you have given me for writng.
    i think thats it hope ur well

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