Oasis II

The Journey Of St. Laurent

by Bryce Beattie


Synopsis: An ER nurse on the run may have the key to stopping an extraterrestrial takeover of the United States.

More background: The Journey of St. Laurent is the sequel to Oasis.

Special Note – Final Version now available!

Yes, I’ve password protected most of these. The final version of the book is now available at major ebook retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, etc). What you see posted here was only the first draft. Enough has changed (hopefully for the better) that I’m slightly embarrassed to leave it all visible to the public. I’ll leave the first few chapters visible, but if you check out the “sample” feature at the various ebook retailers, you’ll read finished work rather than first draft.

Read it now:
Chapter 1 – Down By The Bay
Chapter 2 – Hit the Road, Jack
Chapter 3 – You Have to Find the Road Before You Can Hit It
Chapter 4 – On the Road… Again
Chapter 5 – The Face Of Radio
Chapter 6 – Stomping Grounds
Chapter 7 – A Solemn Broadcast
Chapter 8 – A Gathering Storm
Chapter 9 – A Mass Loss Of Sanity
Chapter 10 – Red Highway
Chapter 11 – The Fastest Gun On The Freeway
Chapter 12 – Getting To Know You
Chapter 13 – First Strike
Chapter 14 – Federal Comfort Measures
Chapter 15 – Jailbreak… in.
Chapter 16 – Early Parole
Chapter 17 – The Getaway
Chapter 18 – Furious and Fast
Chapter 19 – Gas and Grub
Chapter 20 – Back in the ER… Sort Of
Chapter 21 – Labor Pains
Chapter 22 – New Arrival
Chapter 23 – Unpleasant Announcements
Chapter 24 – In a Hurry
Chapter 25 – Road Rage
Chapter 26 – A Day at the Beach
Chapter 27 – Go For A Swim
Chapter 28 – Time To Die
Chapter 29 – Meet the Parents
Chapter 30 – Not Much of a Plan
Chapter 31 – The Long Hard Road
Chapter 32 – The Hostile Hotel
Chapter 33 – The Wrong Side of the Bed
Chapter 34 – Bumpy Ride
Chapter 35 – In The Tent
Chapter 36 – An Eye Out for Trouble
Chapter 37 – Summer Camp Shock
Chapter 38 – Thunderstruck
Chapter 39 – The Fallen
Chapter 40 – Take a Hike
Chapter 41 – Getting the Shaft
Chapter 42 – Belly of the Beast
Chapter 43 – Throw Down
Chapter 44 – Grudge Match
Chapter 45 – Casualty
Chapter 46 – Wreckage
Chapter 47 – No Time For Thinking
Chapter 48 – Of Pain and Tanks
Chapter 49 – Sitting Ducks
Chapter 50 – Exodus into Darkness
Chapter 51 – At Another Crossroads
Chapter 52 – Whoops.
Chapter 53 – Jail Time
Chapter 54 – Sneak Attack
Chapter 55 – Green Tide
Chapter 56 – Options
Chapter 57 – Entrance No More
Chapter 58 – Firefight
Chapter 59 – Distraction and Chaos
Chapter 60 – Of Fire & Tunnels
Chapter 61 – Between a Fire and an Infected Place
Chapter 62 – Race Issues
Chapter 63 – Hole in the Wall
Chapter 64 – Epilogue



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15 thoughts on “Oasis II

  1. Until now, I have been able to read your work whenever I wanted, but now that I have caught up with the other readers, I have to wait painfully…

  2. hey byrce I live in south Texas also so I am able to relate to everything you talk about here and have even been to a few 🙂

  3. WOW, I foound both your stories through the Zombie Central Forum through AR15.com and WOW is all I have to say! Fantastic writing! I especially liked where Corbin repeatidly had problems finding safe haven and I found it to be oh so true of those events!


  4. I found Oasis after finishing AS THE WORLD DYES (Book 2) by R. Frater on my Kindle2. Ms Frater’s zombie novel was so good I was looking for another zombie novel equally as good. Oasis, on my Kindle2, is amazing. It’s wall to wall action. I truly enjoyed the story. It was so good I overlooked the grammer and other errors. When a story is this good, I could care less about the minor errors.

    I’m eagerly awaiting Oasis 2 on my Kindle 2. I don’t want to read your chapters on my computer. I’m hoping to see it on amazon soon.

    DR B. NEO

  5. It’s very hard to want to continue reading this story when we wait FOREVER between releases. I’m only bitching a little because it is free….but please…..please….hurry up. I’m going crazy waiting!


  6. Ok, Seriously….we have waited long enough. Don’t write a serial if you don’t have the F*ucking time to keep the releases up to date. This is b/s and i think someone should let you know it. Bullsh*t.

  7. Sleepin… Chill out dude and please watch the language. You cant complain about free stuff. Bryce is a busy guy I’m sure. Yes its a cool story and yes its frustrating to wait for new chapters. But its kind of cool too in a way. I check every day to see if theres something new. If there is, Woo Hoo I’m happy, if not then ya I’m bummed a bit but I realize that there’s probably a good reason why there is nothing new posted. In the mean time if you havent already read some of the other fully completed online novels out there, I might suggest some of my favorites. Plague Zone, Monster Island, Monster Nation, and Monster Planet by David Wellington are really good. I also am enjoying End Times – 2005 by Scarecrowster on Livejournal, and Dead Meat by Patrick & Chris Williams, but both are the same as Oasis II in that they are incomplete and you have to wait for new chapters. All in all its free and its fun so chill and enjoy it for what it is. Russ

  8. Wow sleepin, if all you have to worry about is bryce making new stories then you have one pathetic of a life. Get a job/woman/hobby or something that just shuts your stupid mouth loser.

  9. Hope all is well Bryce, been almost 10 days since we heard from you. Hope nothing bad has happened to you or your family!


  10. First off Bryce, Keep up the exellent work. Your story is incredible. Russ if you are still around thanks for the heads up on “End Times” another good read.

  11. I’ve kept up with this book since it was first posted online on a site I cannot recall, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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