A serial novel by Bryce Beattie.

Oasis, in it’s final edited glory is now available in paperback at Amazon, or as an ebook in the kindle store, or the barnes and noble store, or in various formats for e-readers on smashwords

More awesomeness! Oasis now has it’s own theme song. Lyrics are available on the original post.

Ballad of Oasis

Very short synopsis: An E.R. nurse struggles for survival in the chaos of a bizarre viral outbreak.

Less short synopsis: Terrorists have unleashed a devastating and bizarre virus in a small desert town. Something has knocked out the power grid. The government has quarantined the city, but is not sending aid, and nobody can understand why. Oasis is the story of one man’s struggle against the chaos that blankets the city. Read on to learn the rest.

Read the original (unedited) now:
Chapter 1 – The Last Shift
Chapter 2 – Scene At The Hospital
Chapter 3 – It Fell From The Window
Chapter 4 – Chaos In A Crowd
Chapter 5 – Home Sweet Home?
Chapter 6 – Companionship Amidst Panic
Chapter 7 – Assignment
Chapter 8 – A Neighbor Infected
Chapter 9 – The Last Argument With Andy
Chapter 10 – Infection At The Door
Chapter 11 – Farewell To Millers Crossing
Chapter 12 – Life On The Street
Chapter 13 – A Very Serious Mistake
Chapter 14 – Confessions Of A Mad Scientist
Chapter 15 – A Burning Desire For Solitude
Chapter 16 – Undead Eviction
Chapter 17 – On The Lonely Side Of The Street
Chapter 18 – A Long Day And A Longer Night
Chapter 19 – Come Out Swinging
Chapter 20 – Munitions Transport Convoy
Chapter 21 – Wild Geese
Chapter 22 – Amazing Super Sale
Chapter 23 – Home Sweet Home Again?
Chapter 24 – Dysfunction
Chapter 25 – The Best Policy
Chapter 26 – Fuel To The Fire
Chapter 27 – Fire To The Fuel
Chapter 28 – The Gauntlet
Chapter 29 – First Aid
Chapter 30 – Life Just Isn’t Fair
Chapter 31 – Escape?
Chapter 32 – Betrayal Pains
Chapter 33 – Help And Red Shoes
Chapter 34 – Rescue Operation
Chapter 35 – Breaking And Entering
Chapter 36 – Return to the Emergency Room
Chapter 37 – Difficult Choices
Chapter 38 – A Hotel Divided
Chapter 39 – Soap Opera Hotel
Chapter 40 – Temptation
Chapter 41 – Consequences
Chapter 42 – Judge, Jury, And Executioners
Chapter 43 – Trial
Chapter 44 – A Tangled Web
Chapter 45 – The Punch Heard ‘Round The Hotel
Chapter 46 – A Failed Escape
Chapter 47 – Moving On Up
Chapter 48 – Exhaustion
Chapter 49 – Best Laid Plans
Chapter 50 – Time To Go
Chapter 51 – No Calm Before The Storm
Chapter 52 – Stormy Weather
Chapter 53 – A Burning Discount
Chapter 54 – Arson & Assault
Chapter 55 – Fire & Rain
Chapter 56 – Pure Pressure
Chapter 57 – Into the Unknown
Chapter 58 – Rest & Recovery?
Chapter 59 – The Bombs
Chapter 60 – Underground
Chapter 61 – At The End Of The Tunnel

OasisThe End!

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  2. Dear Bryce

    Your energy and organisation are inspiring – as a newbie to CS I appreciate all the assistance you give other writers.

    Thank you

  3. Well, it seems that this book has the same plot for the movie Resident Eveil where a virus has infected the area and the only way to prevent this from spreading in the whole world is to erase the state (town or any) from the map but doing some nuclear (or any device that can be use to destroy the virus, people who are infected and to destroy that area). If this is really a good boo, someone will put this into mivie, and instead of reading the book, I’ll just wait for that movie. Thanks

  4. Great read. Will be asking my friends and relatives to check this novel out. Keep it up!

  5. Very cool how you’re publishing online. I like the serialized way of doing it, with reader comments. Fits with the whole Web 2.0 way of doing things and brings the format of the novel into the 21st Century.

  6. This is very inspirational for me. For a long time I too have wished to publish my novel. But the thought of people reading it scares me lol. Good on you.

  7. this book went so far into my imagination that it felt real, the characters the setting to the zombies!!! this really sets a precedent to zombie works after the walking dead… work of a master….

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