Another Editing Update

I finished going over Dane’s suggested edits a little while ago. He helped me out tremendously. Go buy his books. I cut a ton of fat from the story. Like 20,000 words worth. The book just came back from yet another editor, who was searching for typos and major inconsistencies. It should only take a […]

Too Many Projects

Again, I have started too many projects. I really need to focus on one at a time until they’re done. I guess I did finish the theme update. Anyway, I haven’t forgotten Journey of St. Laurent. It’s just that editing is such hard work. Sometime this week I’ll dive back into it. I’m also going […]

Some More Freeware

Yes, I have project ADD. It doesn't help that I have some programming knowledge. Every time I want a piece of software and I can't immediately find exactly what I want, I start making my own. I have hard drives filled with half finished projects. A little while ago I was digging through some of […]

Just Checking In

It’s been a while since I posted anything, so I thought I’d catch you up. Here’s updates as to what I’m working on. SPAB! – this is my simple to use self publishing program. It’s been rewritten to remove dependencies on other programs. It automatically produces the various files you need to upload to the […]

What’s happening?

Here’s what’s going on in my world recently. I may not have been posting here, but I’ve been staying busy. I’m on Chapter 52 of my “Journey…” edits. The end is in sight! I’m about 3/4 done writing the kid’s book. I think. My daughters ask me every night if I’m ever going to finish […]

What’s Happening?

Okay, so I got mad at the internet after the great website hack debacle of 2012. Obviously, I haven’t posted anything here in a while, although I did post about how I won the election over at my other blog. Even though I’ve been quiet, I’ve still been busy. There are a bunch of projects […]


Well, I didn’t make my goal of writing that Children’s book last month. I did put down about 1700 (edit: make that 17,000) words, though, which is more fiction than I think I’ve ever written in a month before (yes, I know all you “real” writers are laughing at that tiny amount.) I suppose that’s sort […]

Last Daily Progress Post.

Okay, so I’m not quitting my WIP or anything, even if the last couple of days I haven’t written much anything. It just occurred to me that these posts are pretty boring. However, I still need some kind of public accountability. How else can I be expected to keep going? I’ll be tweeting the daily progress instead […]

Weekend Report

Okay, my kid’s book is currently at 9,099 words. It looks like it’s going to end up a couple of thousand more than the goal (20,000), but I think I’ll be able to get it done this month. However, my editing has pretty much fallen by the wayside. If I don’t figure out a way […]