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I assume that since you are reading this right now that you have read some of my fiction or perhaps download one of the freebies that I occasionally post. Now you are just gushing with gratitude and you’re looking for a way to pay me back. Well, here are a few options.

  1. Tell a friend about StoryHack. Post a link on your twitter, blog, facebook or anywhere else.
  2. Have me on your blog. I’d be happy to do an interview, joint podcast, or something else.
  3. Buy my novel. Right now, I’ve only got one book in print. I’m hard at work on the second one, though. Here’s where to get it. Paperback at, Kindle version, other electronic versions (epub, pdf, pdb, rtf…), or a pdf formatted for screen reading (preview).
  4. Make a donation.

    Buy me lunch or something. Read this on patronage so that you don’t just think I am a mooch.

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