Paperback Writer

I reformatted and updated the paperback version of Oasis so that the paperback cover now matches the (much better) ebook cover. It’s available on Amazon now.

I also got things set up for The Journey of St. Laurent, but as I looked over my proof copy, I noticed a typo on the back cover. Oops. Now I need to wait out the review process again, and order a new proof.

For both, I used Createspace’s new matte cover. Let me tell you, the glossy covers don’t look bad, but the matte ones look great.

All Done

Okay, I’ve done several “last” editing passes on the Journey of St. Laurent. I’m pretty happy with the end result. Also, if I don’t quit now, I’ll never finish editing it.

Over the next couple of days I’m going to password protect the posts that make up the final 2/3 of the first draft. Within a day or so after that, the ebook versions should start appearing in Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. Paperback to follow in the next couple of weeks.

After I set those things in motion, I’ll be updating Oasis. I added a new first chapter and combed out a couple of lingering typos. The paperback cover is also going to change to match the ebook cover.

And then I’d like to finish up some of the projects I have lying around – the fairy tale book, the “how to self publish” site, at least on of the short stories I’ve started.

What is this?


Wait a minute, that looks a whole lot like the cover to my novel, but somehow different.


Oh yeah, that’s because it’s the cover for the Portuguese language version. Rafa from Word Awareness has been hard at work translating Oasis and is now done. I just have to make sure my formatting is good and then I’ll upload it to Amazon. I’m going to put all my eggs in one basket this time (at least for 90 days) and try out the Kindle Select program, so that I can schedule giveaways and such. I know to most of you this means next to nothing, but that’s only because you aren’t cool like me and speak Portuguese. I’m pretty excited about the whole deal.

The new new cover of Oasis.

After completing the new cover for Oasis, the artist contacted me and said he didn’t like to one he came up with, and so he wanted to do another one and let me choose which one I liked best. And I think I like the second one best, so I set it up on the Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords listings.

Click for the big version.

Just a note – the ebook price is going to go back up on Friday, so if you want to get a hold of Oasis for only a buck, now is the time.

In other other news, next week I’m going to post a new trailer that I’m throwing together for Oasis.

Who else? (& Oasis News)

Quick question.

When you’re not busy clicking refresh here at storyhack to see if I’ve posted a new chapter, who else do you read? Are there any other fiction-posting authors that you follow?

In other news, if you’ve always been too cheap to spring the $3 for Oasis on the kindle, now’s your big chance to get it even cheaper. For the month of March, I set the price to $1 as an experiment. Go tell your friends.

The Ballad of Oasis

Book trailer? I don’t need no stinking book trailer. I’ve got a book ballad.

The Ballad of Oasis

I wrote the lyrics (in about 5-10 minutes…). The music and performance was Shawn Rupp. I’m really happy with how this one turned out.

If you found this page from elsewhere and have no idea what this is about, Oasis is my zombie novel.

If anybody cares, here are the lyrics:

:Verse 1:

One hot desert night
with infected needles
The terrorists stabbed
about a hundred people

Later in the hospital
there was a horrible sight
The victims awoke
with an urge to bite

:Verse 2:

The military showed up
quaranteened the town
they set off an EMP
and took the power down

zombies wandered the streets
yeah they were running wild
They were super strong
and in no way mild


Now the city is being overrun
so lock your door and load your gun
one litte outbreak and now we’re done
its a horrible infection

Now Oasis is in Crisis
Because of the zombie virus

:Verse 3:

They holed up as best they could
but there was nowhere to hide
Because it was hot indoors
and there were zombies outside

And then the tempers flared
‘cuz folks can’t get along
they fought amongst themselves
and did each other wrong

:Repeat Chorus:

Oasis: The Album?

Well, I didn’t get a chapter done (surprise!), but I thought all of you who still stop by should be rewarded with something.

So here’s a song about Corbin that I commissioned over on fiverr. I love that place, it’s just so weird.

Anyway, my instruction to the artist were as follows, “I’d like a song about an ER nurse named Corbin who is trying to survive a zombie attack in a city called Oasis.” And this is what he came up with: (I hope the plugin I just installed works)

Corbin of Oasis

And stay tuned. I’ve got one more under commission from a different artist that should be done any day now.

Oasis Audio Trailer


drtlogoYou can listen to the audio trailer I made for Oasis in this week’s episode at Decoder Ring Theatre. The episode is part of their summer showcase and this time features Blaze Bing, Rodeo King. You can check it out here: Summer Showcase ep. 09 – Blaze Bing, Rodeo King. Give it a listen and tell me what you think!

And while I’m thinking about it, let me just put in a plug for Decoder Ring Theatre. I love Old Time Radio. There are a lot of groups out there producing audio drama these days, and most of it is mediocre, but amusing. Decoder Ring Theatre is not one of those groups. Decoder Ring Theatre happens to be very best group producing audio drama today, and I include the strictly commercial production groups when I say that. Their shows are amusing, well presented, and well acted.

The Red Panda Adventures series is a lot of fun. He’s Canada’s greatest superhero!

The Black Jack Justice series is absolutely delicious. I love the dueling monologues of Jack and his partner.

Anyway, go check them out. Listen to a few shows, and if you like them, throw a couple of bucks their way. That way, everybody can keep enjoying these shows.

Thank you, Gregg Taylor (& everybody else @ DRT), for all the Mystery, Comedy, and Adventure!

And for those of you who are wondering where this week’s chapter of The Journey of St. Laurent is, it is almost done. Maybe lunchtime, maybe tomorrow morning it’ll be up. Just follow me on twitter and you’ll be the first to know when you can read it.

Oasis Twitter Giveaway

I’m in kind of a giving mood today, and I have a fresh copy of my action/adventure/pulp/zombie novel Oasis just sitting around. I’d like to give it to somebody. Even if you already have a copy

How to Enter/Rules

  1. You must have a twitter account
  2. You must tweet about this giveaway
  3. Your tweet must include 2 things: a link to this post and the hashtag #oasisgiveaway
  4. I’ll only count one entry per user.

*edit* Here’s an example: my tweet to announce the giveaway

#Win a #free signed copy of pulp action adventure #zombie #novel Oasis. – – #oasisgiveaway

I’ll pick at random then announce the winner on Friday (June 19, 2009), so you have until Friday morning sometime to enter. I will also attempt to notify the winner via Direct Message on twitter.

I’ll then send the winner a signed copy of Oasis. I’ll sign it to whomever you want, so if you already have a copy, and you want to give this one to your brother I can eerily mention the time he wet his pants in the fifth grade (or whatever you’d like me to mention) in the inscription.

If you don’t know what Oasis is, check out the Oasis website:

or see Oasis on Amazon:


Oasis Updates

Well, yesterday I got my first really scathing review of Oasis on Amazon. 1 star. My favorite part of the review says:

This book is like a $0.69 cent bean burrito from Taco Bell. It will dull your hunger for zombie brain bashing if you’re really in a fix, but it will not satisfy.


Oh, well. There’s no accounting for taste. If Stephen King can be a self-proclaimed literary Big Mac, I guess I should be proud to be a burrito. Oddly enough, the review didn’t even dampen my spirits much. I know my book isn’t a 1. It may not be a 5 either (btw, thanks for the two of you that did give me a 5 – you guys are awesome), but it’s definitely not a 1.

Anyway, my book was ranked yesterday at #62,167 today at #49,655, the highest I’ve seen so far. While that may sound at first like a totally crappy rank, consider the fact that Amazon has like 10,000,000 books. Even if there are only 2 million, that puts me ahead of 97% of the other listed books.

So thanks everybody for all your support!


Oh, yeah, and I still think I’ll be able to get chapter two of The Journey Of St. Laurent up tomorrow.

Oasis Sequel Preview

I’ve been hard at work with a mountain of projects, and so I fell behind in my goals to get the sequel Oasis all planned out. It looks like I’m getting things rolling again now, so I thought I’d share with you a piece of the first chapter. Either next friday or in two weeks the choas will really begin again for Corbin St. Laurent.

So without further adieu, here’s a tiny preview of…

The Journey Of St. Laurent

Chapter 1: Down by the Bay

“Man fights with his mind. His hands and his weapons are simply extensions of his will, and one of the fallacies of our era is the notion that equipment is the equivalent of force.”

-Jeff Cooper

I ran to the crumpled vehicle and threw open the door.

A trickle of oily black smoke puffed out. The car’s interior was cramped and now crumpled from the front. It was hard to see where anything had landed in the crash. The increasing smoke didn’t help. Just a few tongues of flame licked up from under the dashboard. The driver hadn’t worn a seat belt and his head had somehow taken a chunk from the custom steering wheel. His broken body shifted and half fell from the car.

My first impulse was to take a kick at his bloodied head. I gritted my teeth , fought back the urge, and checked his pulse.

Nothing. He was already gone.

Good riddance.

A tiny part of me wished he had suffered rather than die instantly in a wreck. After all, it would only seem right after everything he’d done.

I grabbed for his seat latch and pushed his seat toward the front.

His lifeless body blocked things just enough so I couldn’t see if what I wanted was on the back floor.

I hooked my hands under his armpits and pulled.

He was definitely heavy for such a skinny guy.

The flames inside grew.

I twisted and braced a foot against the car.

His body tumbled out all at once into a heap next to the burning car.

It was a little unceremonious, but it didn’t matter. He was dead, and I only had a few seconds. After that the flames would engulf the whole interior and then our only chance would be lost forever.

I stepped on or over his body, I can’t remember which, and pushed again on the latch and seat. This time it all slid forward. I jammed my head in the opening.

The thickening smoke burned my lungs and the rising heat clawed at the skin on my face.

My heart skipped a beat. Through the mess, I saw it.

Signed Copies Of Oasis

OK, as I promised, I’m going to make signed copies of Oasis available for a little while. I’ll be taking orders starting right now and continuing through the end of this week (Saturday the 3rd). Next Monday (Jan 5th, 2009) I’ll place an order with the printer and I’ll sign and send them out as soon as they get in. If there is something special you’d like me to say, make sure you let me know by filling out the “special instructions” box in the order process.

The cost of a signed book will be the regular retail price($15) + shipping($3) = $18

For those of you who have already purchased the paperback through Amazon, if you’d like to get your copy signed, use the “contact” link above and we’ll work something out.

Also, I’ve seen hard at word outlining and preparing to write the sequel to Oasis. I should be ready to post Chapter 1 within a week and a half or so.

Oasis Paperback Available!!


At long last, Oasis is poised to take take the world by storm.


Oasis is now available at the following places:

Three ways to wish me an even merrier Christmas

  1. I would just love it if you (yes you) would go on to Amazon and leave a review of Oasis for me.
  2. Put a link on your blog/website/somewhere to Oasis
  3. Put Oasis on one of those “listmania” lists on Amazon.

Signed Copies

A couple of you have expressed interest in obtaining signed copies. I’ll be making a few available through the website sometime after Christmas. I’ve just got too much going on to think about it right now.


Sorry about the poor picture quality. I took it with my cell phone. But that’s not the important part.

The important part is that I got my proof copy of Oasis today!

It’s hard to describe just how stoked about this I am.

The bad news that my wife opened it up and immediately found a glaring defect: Somehow, I had inserted extra copies of Chapters 4 & 5 in there.


Oh, well. I’m one step closer.

Oasis paperback and Kindle edition on the way.

Not wanting to waste any more time, I’ve already worked up the files needed to self-publish on CreateSpace and to publish on the Amazon Kindle store. Are there any other digital formats that I should bother working up?

Also, do you think it would be useful to work up some kind of pre-order thing for folks that want signed copies?

Oasis Progress

I am actually making progress with the editing of Oasis. I’m now over half way through, and I want to get that thing done. Progress has just been slow, that’s all.

I’ve been having difficulty carving out time to do the edits, as I picked up a couple of web-development side jobs. I’m done with one of those, and I’m cruising along with the second one. I still love writing more, but programming puts extra cash in my pocket now…

Anyway, one way or another Oasis will be available to purchase by Christmas.

Also, I’m toying with the idea of making a run at NaNoWriMo in November.

Chaos and Decisions

It has come to my attention that I have too many projects going on. I just had to scale back.

The biggest thing you may notice is that I won’t be posting new fiction on Fridays until I’m done with the line edits of Oasis. It’s been too long. I really need to get that sucker finished and published. The exception will be this Friday, as I post part one of a story that I intend to finish once I’m done with the edits. I already stopped posting to one or two of my other blogs.

The edits won’t take very long if I just focus for a minute.

Just so you know, here’s what to expect from me.

  1. Part one of story this Friday.
  2. Posts about editing and my progress in Oasis.
  3. Oasis in softcover.
  4. Finish short story from #1.
  5. Oasis sequel time, baby. I’m tentatively calling this one “The Journey of St. Laurent.”

I am freaking excited to get started on the the sequel to Oasis. I’ve got some great stuff planned. We’ll get to meet Corbin’s estranged father. We’ll find out just what the heck aliens have to do with anything, and whether they’re really aliens at all. We’ll meet a bombastic conspiracy radio show host. And of course, we’ll witness the breakdown of society as we know it. It’ll be fun!

I am down to two three side projects that I’m still going to pursue.

  1. A commercial project to help folks use a POD publisher to self publish their work, whether it be fiction or non-fiction. You’ll definitely hear more about this one soon.
  2. Another project’s still in the planning stage, but it should excite all the zombie-loving lunatics out there. I’ve been working with an artist buddy of mine, and we’re putting together a Zombie-Smashing web comic! We’ll release it one page at a time (a la megatokyo or apple geeks). It will not be based off of the Oasis series of events. It’s a totally new setup. If we can get this thing to fly, it’ll be a kick.
  3. I’ve got a great political thriller story brewing. I would like to write it as an hour to an hour and a half audio theater, and produce it, and bring about an audio theater renaissance in America. But then I’d also like to write it as a novel. Maybe I’ll do both. I just can’t decide which to do first. Or whether to do it before the Oasis sequel or after…

I really need to find a way to make a living doing this kind of stuff…

Oasis In Progress

A couple of my real life friends keep asking me when Oasis is going to be published. I always tell them “As soon as I finish editing it.”

Well, assuming there’s anyone out there that cares, I’ve got two useful meters in the sidebar.

They match my process:

Line Edits – I’m going through line by line looking for typos and other errors.

Final Read – I’m reading Oasis out loud to my favorite editor (my wife, Aurora). Reading aloud helps me fix those nagging little phrasing issues and allows me to give things a nice polish. I hope.

Getting Steamed Up

A steam engine steaming its way down the track.

OK, normally I take criticism in stride. I know the stuff I write is not for everybody. If you don’t like the subject matter, or my writing style, fine. There’s just some stuff that really irks me.

I got a comment in the past day or so on the first chapter of Oasis that says:

“olive skin”

“a language I didn’t understand”

Let me guess: the “terrorists” created the zombies. I sense an ideology I don’t want to delve into. I don’t think I’ll continue reading.

I responded in the comments there, but I’d like to put it here, too.


First, there’s no guessing needed. I thought it was in-your-face-plain that terrorists were responsible for starting the outbreak in Oasis.

Second, an ideology? What ideology? That terrorists do bad things? I thought that was pretty much common knowledge, and why we call them “Terror”-ists. Are there Middle Eastern terrorists? Well, that’s a well-established fact. Do I even imply that everybody from the Middle East is a terrorist? Of course not. Do I imply that that everyone with olive skin is a terrorist? No. The hero (Corbin) has olive skin because his mother was from Spain. Now, are there bigots out there that do assume that olive skin=Middle Eastern Terrorist? Yes. As a matter of fact Corbin has problems with some of those type of closed-minded characters, starting in the VERY NEXT CHAPTER.

Let me put it this way: The terrorists in Oasis are a plot device, not a political message.

However, if this chapter “offended” you, then its probably best you don’t keep reading. You will most likely be incapable of enjoying the story.

* Bryce Takes A Deep Breath *


Sorry about that.

Now I look like the idoit for being so easily offended, don’t I?

I’m such a freaking hypocrite.

Moral of the Story

Getting offended by small things really sucks the fun, the joy, the very life out of you, doesn’t it?

The Other Lesson

Other than learning the moral of the story, I just learned how to spell the word “hypocrite.” Thank you, Merriam-Webster Online.

So What’s Next?

First off, let me just say thank you to everybody for reading Oasis. And of course for your astute typo catching.

I knew the ending would not be everyone’s cup of tea, but hey, what book ending is? For me, it kept in with the pulpy flavor that I’ve wanted Oasis to have. After all, Oasis was inspired by my favorite pulp authors: Edgar Rice Burroughs (Tarzan/John Cater Of Mars), Robert E. Howard (Conan) and Kenneth Robinson (Doc Savage)

I’ll be sending emails to a few of you to see if you’ll let me use your comment on the Oasis web site.

So what’s next for Oasis?

It’s pretty simple. I’m going to go through and clean up some of those pesky typos. I’m going to make some minor edits to the story, nothing major, I just want some parts to flow a little easier. There’s a chapter I think I’d like in the first third of the book. After that – I’m seeking publication. If I can’t get a publisher fairly quickly, I’ll be self-publishing via In any case, my goal is to make sure by the end of the year you can all hold a beautifully printed copy in your hands.

By the way, If I end up self publishing, here’s what the cover will probably look like.

Oasis Cover

So what’s next for StoryHack?

In the meantime, the fiction here will not stop. First up, you’ll see a piece of the first novel I attempted to write. After that, I’ve got a couple of short stories that I need to get out of my system. Then who knows? Perhaps more serial novel goodness.