Getting Steamed Up

A steam engine steaming its way down the track.

OK, normally I take criticism in stride. I know the stuff I write is not for everybody. If you don’t like the subject matter, or my writing style, fine. There’s just some stuff that really irks me.

I got a comment in the past day or so on the first chapter of Oasis that says:

“olive skin”

“a language I didn’t understand”

Let me guess: the “terrorists” created the zombies. I sense an ideology I don’t want to delve into. I don’t think I’ll continue reading.

I responded in the comments there, but I’d like to put it here, too.


First, there’s no guessing needed. I thought it was in-your-face-plain that terrorists were responsible for starting the outbreak in Oasis.

Second, an ideology? What ideology? That terrorists do bad things? I thought that was pretty much common knowledge, and why we call them “Terror”-ists. Are there Middle Eastern terrorists? Well, that’s a well-established fact. Do I even imply that everybody from the Middle East is a terrorist? Of course not. Do I imply that that everyone with olive skin is a terrorist? No. The hero (Corbin) has olive skin because his mother was from Spain. Now, are there bigots out there that do assume that olive skin=Middle Eastern Terrorist? Yes. As a matter of fact Corbin has problems with some of those type of closed-minded characters, starting in the VERY NEXT CHAPTER.

Let me put it this way: The terrorists in Oasis are a plot device, not a political message.

However, if this chapter “offended” you, then its probably best you don’t keep reading. You will most likely be incapable of enjoying the story.

* Bryce Takes A Deep Breath *


Sorry about that.

Now I look like the idoit for being so easily offended, don’t I?

I’m such a freaking hypocrite.

Moral of the Story

Getting offended by small things really sucks the fun, the joy, the very life out of you, doesn’t it?

The Other Lesson

Other than learning the moral of the story, I just learned how to spell the word “hypocrite.” Thank you, Merriam-Webster Online.