Yeah, I’d ghostwrite…

I came across an interesting (at least to me) article about the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series of books. Specifically, it talks about the business of writing those books. They are all written by ghostwriters under a house name. Authors are given a flat fee, and no royalties. The thing that jumped out at […]

Not Quite NaNoWriMo

You know how when people get into running, they will sometimes start out by training for and running a 5K race? Then they step up to 10K, and maybe a half marathon or two and then they finally arrive at running marathons? Well, I’m trying to train myself to be a more disciplined and faster […]

Thank you, Kim Harrison

I’ve had a problem recently. I’m getting close to the end of The Journey of St. Laurent, but I keep getting stuck. I write, rewrite, revise, rewrite, stare at the computer screen, and generally can’t seem to make it happen. And it’s not like I’m writing literary fiction or anything, so what’s the deal. Action […]