Bryce A Beattie's Action & Adventure

The Magazine

StoryHack Action & Adventure is a modern day pulp. It celebrates pulse-pounding fiction that is fun to read and welcomes works from a variety of genres.

My goal is to build it up to be a pro rate paying market.

The General Plan

  • Produce issue 0 <- I am here!
  • Crowdfund issue 1
  • Produce issue 1
  • Crowdfund issue 2 or just skip to producing it, assuming wild success on previous steps
  • Rinse, repeat until I can’t pulp no more.

Producing Issue 0

I’m funding and creating Issue 0 to use as a selling tool and a proof I have what it takes to edit and produce a magazine worth reading.

Right now, until 12:01 AM April 1st 2017, I’m accepting submissions.

Submissions are closed. They will open again probably mid May or early June, 2017.

To-Dos for Issue 0 production

  • Go insane and decide to start a zine. done
  • Set up business registration done
  • Set up business banking / paypal done
  • Draft a standard short-story publishing contract done
  • Set up some clever online way to sign contracts.  done
  • Get the word out re: submissions (Submit to Duotrope, the submission grinder, various sympathetic pulp revolutionaries) done
  • Read submissions – Done! 4/12/2017
  • make selections done
  • Send out contracts done
  • Send out author payments in progress 3 done
  • Commission cover – in progress
  • Commission some interior art (may or may not happen)
  • Compile and lay out magazine for print
  • Compile and lay out for ebook
  • Publish and make available to the world!
  • Use Issue 0 to promote major launch!


Specific information regarding submissions can be found on the Submissions page.
Submissions are currently closed.