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This is a page for items that you might find useful in your writing. At least, they’ve helped me.

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Stuff for Self Publishing Authors

Stuff for All Authors

Fiction Writing Downloads (pdf)

I compiled these with permission a while ago.

  • Ideas For Getting Published – by Randy Ingermanson. Includes information about writing query letters, proposals, and finding an agent.
  • StoryWorld – by Randy Ingermanson. Create more a more engrossing world for your characters to live in. Great ideas, especially for fantasy/sci-fi writers.
  • Dialogue And The Art Of War – by Randy Ingermanson. Write better dialogue between your characters. The notion that it should sound like real conversation is crap.
  • How To Write A Fight Scene – by Randy Ingermanson. Make your fight scenes flow better. Make them more exiting. Make them better.
  • Creating Characters– by Randy Ingermanson. Give your characters a little extra life and make them much more interesting.

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