The Magazine

StoryHack Action & Adventure is a modern day pulp. It celebrates pulse-pounding fiction that is fun to read and welcomes works from a variety of genres. It is so awesome, a 12 year old boy would put down that controller to read it.

Things with the magazine are just getting moving. I’m hard at work getting Issue #2 (technically the third issue) done. I appreciate all the support that pulp fans across the internet have given me. It’s easy to see how hungry people are for this type of fiction.

What to Expect

Here are some authors whose work has appeared in StoryHack: David Boop, David J. West, Jon Mollison, Jay Barnson, Julie Frost, Alexandru Constantin, Keith West, Shannon Connor Winward, and Steve DuBois.

Here’s some of the genres represented by stories in StoryHack. There will be more added to this list with each issue!

Modern Action Thriller, Sword & Sorcery, Planetary Adventure, Urban Fantasy, and Historical Adventure.

Just Try It. The First One’s Free

I funded and produced Issue 0 to use as a selling tool and a proof I have what it takes to edit and publish a magazine worth reading. A ton of great authors showed their support and submitted stories. The end result was a magazine that’s a ton of fun to read. You can also get a free copy of the ebook versions (epub, mobi, pdf) by signing up for updates¬†here.


Specific information regarding submissions can be found on the Submissions page.
Submissions are currently closed as of 11:59 PM Jan 2o, 2018.